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Asbra Safety Stair Treads and Nosings
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Asbra Safety Stair Treads and Nosings



Latham manufacture a range of Aluminium and Brass Safety Stair Tread Nosings.

Stair treads are used to ensure pedestrian safety and reduce the possibility of litigation for a building owner caused by slip and falls. These also are considered an important part of Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) for domestic and commercial buildings.

What Latham refer to as Stair Tread Nosings are sometimes also referenced to as Latham Treads, Step Treads, Anti-Slip Nosings, Slip resistant Nosings, Step Nosings and other variations. Essentially they all have the same function which is to promote pedestrian and public safety.

There are a number of Australian and International Standard's and Building Codes that indicate the requirements for Slip Resistant Stair Tread Nosings.

Latham Asbraloy Aluminium and Asbrabronz Solid Brass Safety Stair Tread Nosings are Suitable for internal and external applications. We manufacture a wide range of profiles to be architecturally appealing in various applications. These profiles also are designed to accommodate the requirements of different Australian and International Standards and Building Codes.

Latham Asbraloy Aluminium and Asbrabronz Solid Brass Safety Stair Tread Nosings are manufacture in a range of profiles to suit varying flooring finishes and there are ranges available for new and existing installation applications.




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